Credit Repair Helpful Hints

I hate to admit this but in my younger days I did not care about my credit. I was reckless with my spending, I didn’t pay my bills on time and I borrowed more than I could repay. Then when I needed to use my credit, I had none! So here are some really helpful resources to help you rebuild your credit and know how to protect it for the future. Please let me know if you have tips you would like to share.

  • Check your credit. You can do it for free using Credit Karma or Credit Sesame
  • Start paying down debt. You can use the snowball effect. I found it most helpful . Using that you pay off the highest debt first. I started reading the Passionate Penny Pincer Blog. It is an amazing financial resource. They have several great articles on debt management, budgeting, investing and so much more. Here are two links to great articles
  • Setting a budget and spending within your budget is crucial to being on the road to financial wellness. It’s not a hard concept but it’s not fun! I have recently found the Status Money App. It is a financial planner at your fingertips. It will help you budget and provide you with other resources to help you spend wiser. Use this link to join. You will get $5 dollars just for signing up.
  • Saving money where you can makes good sense, right?! There are some really great cash back and rebate offers out there. Most of them are as easy as signing up and scanning a receipt or linking your card. Here are some of the best apps I have found.
  • When I finally realized I was in over my head, I was desperate to try and make more money. I work full time and am a mom of three so two jobs didn’t seem doable for me. Below are some great apps and sites that help you earn money and rewards.
    • Join the Smart App Community to earn $5 to $10 dollars per month just for downloading the app and letting it run in the background. It is too easy not to use. You can download it in the app store.
    • Ibotta has an app and a chrome extension. The Ibotta Chrome Extension is a no brain-er. You download the extension and it tracks your purchases for you and rewards when cash back offers or discounts are available. Do yourself a favor and download the extension and the app. Both will help you to spend less and earn more in rewards. The app requires a little more input but I have earned more rewards through the app. When you join use this referral code daqrqqj
    • Rakuten and Retail Me Not are also great apps for cash back offers and rebates. Both offer apps and chrome extensions.
    • You can join several different fuel perks reward programs. I personally prefer Murphy Drive. For every 100 points you earn 10 cent off per gallon. You earn reward quickly. You have to buy gas, why not save money on it.
    • Sometimes you need more than cashback, rebates, and other reward programs can provide. You can always pick up a side gig. You can join Uber, Poshmates, or Lyft. There’s also several other types of side hustle options out there. Task Rabbit and Amazon MTurk have you complete tasks for money. You can Also sell your unused items on Mecari, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay or Ipsy.
    • Once you get debt paid down, budgeting under your belt and find your reward program, you are going to want to start saving. Currently a lot of online banks are offering really great cash back offers and higher interest rate savings accounts. Chime and CTI bank have really great offers right now.
    • Now that you have all the debt managed, reward programs down pat and are saving like a winner, it is time to INVEST!!!! You get old before you know it and putting even a small amount aside help you to be able to retire comfortably. Acorns and Stash are amazing online investment apps. They are made for the novice investor and the apps are set up to teach you as you go along.

I hope some of these help you to reach your financial goals. Please share any wonderful tips and tricks you have found and Thank you for following CC’s Freebies, Deals and Giveaways.

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I am a married mom of three. Iwas born and raised in SC. I am a savings enthusiast that decided to venture out last year and create my own website. I am hoping to eventually be able to share my site and help people find great financial resources to improve their lives. Check out the website www.

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