Need some help with financing a small purchase like a tool for work?  Check out Perpay

Perpay is a company set up to assist those of us with less than perfect credit. When you go onto their website, you will see they sell all kinds of items ranging from electronics to fashion and beauty products. Instead of requiring you pay for the items you purchase in full up front, they gather some they allow you to make small, managable payments on your produts. Their terms are reasonable and setting up an account is very easy. My husband used it to purchase a drill after his was stolen. It was something he had to have but we had not budgeted for it. Perplay doesn’t charge fees, interest or run your credit.  When you initiate your profile, they will provide you with your “Estimated Spending Limit” to use.  Choose the product you need to purchase and finalize your application. With the application you are required to set up payments via difem is shiped to your address. Perpay is a wonderful tool to help out when most others won’t. We have all experienced that unexpected crisis and not known where the money to fix it will come from. Perpay really helps you get through it and without charging you an arm and a leg! Check out Perpay and you can get what you need and pay later!

Check out their site today:

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