Are you interested in becoming a product reviewer?

Becoming a product tester is a wonderful way to get great items for free and a lot of times be compensated for providing your review. There are a lot of places that advertise to be legitimate product testing sites, however I have found most want to survey you to death and you’re never chosen to complete any actual product reviews. The expectation of a product reviewer is to try the product and then provide their review. The reviews are usually on the manufacturer’s site, the product testing site and your linked social media sites. It is a fun way to try new things without any cost to you. Here are a few sites we have found that are reputable.

  • Holife has the option to sign up as a product tester. They have a lot of household items such as vacuums, clocks, etc. You apply for free and if selected, test the product and provide a review. I really like the products they offer.
  • Influenster is a little different than other product testing sites. It is a cross between a social media beauty blog and product testing site. You join and create a profile then review products you have already used. The more you review, the more chances you have to be selected to receive a voxbox. Voxboxes are highlighted items to be reviewed. They offer some really great products.
  • Home Tester’s Club is my personal favorite product testing site. Signing up is free and easy. They offer a wide variety of items to test and you are selected to test quite often. After testing, you will be responsible for providing a review on your social media.
  • Mccormick offers product testing. You sign up and after approval, you can get started to try out their spices. Yum!
  • The Insiders is another product review site that offer a lot of options to test electronics. You must apply to review the product on their site and if selected provide a review.
  • Pinch Me is fun to use. You sign up and earn points. The more points you earn, the more opportunities you have to try one of their featured products. You can usually earn one or two items a month.
  • Smiley360 offers the opportunity to try products and provide reviews. You have to complete a lot of tasks to qualify for products but it’s worth it.
  • Social Nature offers product review opportunities. Their products are natural. They also offer promotions to boost featured products on your social media accounts.
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Let us know if you have any sites to add to the list

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