Saver Life Community

No matter what your current financial focus is, I promise joining the Saver Life Community will help you reach your goals. Joining is free and easy. Once you have joined, you have access to a TON of financial resources, a community to provide support as you work towards your goals, and you earn rewards for participating within the community. Every day, you can earn points for logging in, reading the featured article, and posting on the forums. As you explore the Saver Life site, you will find the quizzes you take help you to know where you are and see where you need to be. They have a lot of great articles and You Tube videos. There are specific areas, such as Covid 19 relief, tax filling and Money 101. They also have broader sections on saving and establishing credit. I love their articles. My favorites are the member spotlight pieces that show what another member has tried and found to be effective. Saver Life encourages you to reach your goals by creating challenges and rewarding you for completing the challenges. They are also very active on social media which helps to keep you on track. You can go at your own pace through the site. I have learned a lot using the Saver Life Community but more importantly, they provided a community that fosters judgement free support, education and resources that really helped me to fix my finances. Finding Saver Life really changed my financial focus and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so glad I found them and hope you join to, you won’t regret it.

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