Welcome To CC’s Freebies

Welcome to CC’s Freebies, Deals, and Giveaways. We designed this site to help you make your money go further. We have free samples, great discounts, sweepstakes and much more.

I am a working mom of three girls. My husband and I have been mostly happily married for 14 years. The main source of any unhappy times usually boiled down to money. We struggled for years but one day decided we had enough. So we finally did something about it. After a lot of research and hard work, we succeeded. Personally I think knowledge is power so I want to share my knowledge with you. My husband and I created this site to help others that struggle with finances. It took us years to finally be in a better financial situation but it doesn’t have to be as much of a struggle for you.

There are a ton of great resources out there but you have to know where to look. On CC’s Freebies, Deals, and Giveaways, we have put all those resources in one place for you to easily navigate and put into practice.

We hope you find it as helpful as we did! Please be sure to share with your friends and family because let’s be honest, who couldn’t use more money?



CC and Rodney Crain

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